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'G1000' is a citizen participation initiative adopted by the Foundation for Future Generations.

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Grand Prix for Future Generations

Every year since 2007 the Future Generations Grand Prix has been spotlighting exemplary Belgian initiatives successfully integrating the principles of sustainable development into routine business. The Foundation's intention is to leverage the Grand Prix as a source of inspiration for our policy makers and other project promoters.

> Learn more about the Grand Prix for Future Generations


Terre is Laureate 2012 of the Grand Prix for Future Generations.


Ferme Nos Pilifs, winner of the 2011 Grand Prix for Future Generations.


Alpro nv/sa is Laureate 2010 of the Grand Prix for Future Generations.

Future Smile

Generation Rio

June 2012 should have been more than just a symbolic date for future generations, with Brazil hosting the 4th Earth Summit under the name RIO+20. With the support of the Foundation, the "Generation Rio" wanted to make its voice heard. Or perhaps better ... to make its presence felt.

> Learn more about Generation Rio.

Future Smile

Discover youth projects contributing to a more sustainable development, good for the people and good for the planet, towards a smiling future.
These projects were initiated between 2007 and 2010 by the Future Smile youth groups and supported by the Future Smile programme of the Foundation for Future Generations, with the collaboration of Nokia and the International Youth Foundation.

> Learn more aboutr Future Smile.




360° for the Climate

In all for corners of Belgium, from Ghent to Hotton, from Liege to Eeklo, pioneers are paving the way for a liveable world. Each in his field, their innovations are being brought about by including interested parties in the decision-making process, while at the same time taking into account the social impact of their work, its economic viability and its consequences for the world today and tomorrow, here and elsewhere. Such a consistent and  comprehensive approach does ultimately have a particularly positive impact on the climate.

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European Citizens' Panel

An innovative European-wide citizens' participation pilot initiative to stimulate European democracy and experiment European citizenship. First issue : "European citizens produce an informed say on the roles of rural areas in European societies".

> Learn more about the European Citizens' Panel
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