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04-05-2009: Launch of the blog Challenge for Europe

More than 60 concrete and meaningful proposals, coming from independent authors mobilised by the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for Human Progress, the Foundation for Future Generations and the Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications Sociales (IHECS) (Institute of Advanced Studies in Social Communication). Now is the time to start reacting and joining the debate on !

17-12-2008: Responsability & accountability of civil society organisations

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are under external pressure (donors, governments, corporate, broader public) and internal demand (members) to further address the issues of their own responsibility, ethics, governance, legitimacy, accountability and transparency. This evolution raises major questions.

14-11-2008: European Citizens’ Panel: learnings for the EU ‘Europe for Citizens’ programme

The Foundation presents learnings from the European Citizens’ Panel at the Europe for Citizens’ Forum 2008, organised in Brussels by the Directorate-General Education and Culture of the European Commission.

04-11-2008: How can the EU listen to its citizens ?

The panelist citizens from North-East England, brought together by Community X Change and who have taken part to the European Citizens’ Panel alongside fellow citizens from 9 other European regions, organise a seminar in Brussels with the collaboration of the Foundation.

16-10-2008: Energy, social economy and citizens involvement

The Foundation is invited to address the issue of citizens participation regarding current challenges and perspectives at the « Europe, energy and social economy » conference organised by the think-tank Pour la Solidarité and Triodos Bank.

08-10-2008: European Citizens’ Panel discussed at the European Commission Open Days

The Foundation presents learnings from the European Citizens’ Panel at the Civil Society Forum “What role for civil society and participatory democracy in European cohesion policy for tomorrow?”, organised in Brussels by ECAS within the Open Days organised by DG Regio and the Committee of the Regions.

27-09-2008: Future Smile Expo - Antwerp (Groenplaats)

01-08-2008: "2007 in brief"

Discover the actions of the Foundation in 2007

21-06-2008: European Citizens´ Panel presented at the Panel de Citoyens Européen

Results of the European Citizens´ Panel are presented at the 2nd ´general assembly of Europe´ (Etats Généraux de l´Europe) in Lyon, on the theme of European citizenship.

25-04-2008: The EU DG EaC publishes a Citizens´ Projects call for proposals

24-04-2008: Lunchdebate "What future for citizen participation at European level?"

organised by the Network of European Foundations in collaboration with the Foundation for Future Generations and the King Baudouin Foundation, in Brussels

09-01-2008: CAP "health check" work group discovers the results of the European Citizens´ Panel

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